How would you survive?

Ever wondered what would happen if you were suddenly unable to work? Nearly 40% of young adults will be unable to work due to sickness so it’s something to consider.

This tool will show you just how long it would take before you run out of money, should you be unable to work.

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Oh no, looks as if you won’t be able to even afford a trip to the cinema with your savings.
It might be time to march yourself down to the bank and open a savings account, or think about getting some income protection just in case you are unable to work!
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It would take you roughly...

to use up all your savings based on your current average monthly outgoings

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Or you could buy...

cups of coffee

with your savings before running out

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Or it would take...


to empty your bank

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Or it would take...

cinema trips

for you to run out of money


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